This is how the new list of 10 candidates for the Comptroller’s Office was left

The Accidental Commission of the Congress of the Republic defined the new list of candidates for the Comptroller General, after listening to the candidates in a public hearing.

The 10 applicants to the Comptroller are:

  • Andres Castro Franco
  • Monica Elsy Certain
  • Elsa Yazmin Gonzalez
  • Carlos Perez Gelvez
  • louis carlos pineda
  • Maria Fernanda Rangel
  • Carlos Hernan Rodriguez
  • Victor Salcedo
  • Diana Carolina Torres
  • Louis Ferdinand Good

Congressmen from Radical Change and Democratic Center. It should be noted that during the session the congresswoman from the Dignity PartyJennifer Pedraza and also the Mira Party.

The candidate Julio Cesar Cardenasclose to the president-elect Gustav Petro, was left out of this list, despite the controversy that was generated by those who said that the list was going to Redo to include it. In fact, there are sectors that describe this as the first defeat of the elected president.

The election of a new comptroller will take place on next August 18as has been announced by the president of Congress Roy Barreras.

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