This is how the refrigerators were to store vaccines that previous governments left the people

Refrigerators with more than a century of use have been in the hospitals of the country’s public network, where vaccines were stored to safeguard the lives of thousands of Salvadorans, a situation that previous governments decided to forget.

Photographs show the level of deterioration and rottenness of refrigerators in the different hospitals in the country. However, thanks to the efforts of the Government of President Nayib Bukele, the reality is now different.

On November 22, the Government of El Salvador began the renewal of the cold chain with 300 new refrigerators to guarantee the correct storage of vaccines that serve to take care of the health of the population.

According to the authorities, each refrigerator has the capacity to store 2,400 vials containing 10 doses, which is equivalent to 24,000 applications of all the vaccines established in the national health scheme.

“We had the difficulty, to store the vaccines, in a not totally good refrigerator,” said Claudia García, head nurse of the UCSFI of Agua Caliente, while receiving the new equipment.

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