This is how the spam filters that Signal added work

Signal became one of the main messaging alternatives when WhatsApp became controversial due to the conditions of use, and although little by little that has been left behind due to the adjustments implemented by the company, there are still those who remain firm in their decision not to use the Meta application again.

Over time, applications such as Signal have experienced growth in their number of users, and this has motivated the company to continue incorporating new functions to the platform in order to offer a better service.

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One of the novelties that Signal has brought in its latest update has been the incorporation of filters against unwanted messages, this in order to provide greater privacy to its users.

Signal spam filters

It has happened to all of us that we have received a notification that we have not requested where information, services or products are offered that in the end becomes something annoying

Just as in WhatsApp, several alerts appear warning that it could be a conversation as spam when it comes from a number that you do not have registered, allowing you to block, delete or accept that contact.

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This time it was Signal that has incorporated the same task into its platform. From now on, the messages that arrive from unregistered contacts you will see an alert appear and three alternatives to act quickly which are: block that sender, delete the message along with the chat or accept it and add it to your contact list.

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