This is how the victims and their relatives are taken care of

The Kongsberg community is strongly affected after at least five people were killed and two injured in Kongsberg center on Wednesday night. Gyldenløve hotel is now used as a center for relatives and others affected by the incident. Here they meet the municipality’s crisis team, the police’s relatives’ contact, other health personnel and also have the opportunity to talk to priests.

RELATIVES ‘CENTER: Relatives and others affected by the incident meet crisis teams at Gyldenløve hotel in Kongsberg center. Photo: Martin Leigland / TV 2

– We accept those who want to talk and those who have experienced things that they should not have experienced, are relatives or close to the tragic events, says mayor Kari Anne Sand (Sp) to TV 2.

She does not have an overview of how many people are in the hotel now.

– We try to shield them a little, so they can go to their own rooms, she says.

The local community is showing up

Sand describes the local community on Kongsberg as a completely ordinary community with completely ordinary people.

– I am absolutely sure that this goes very deep into people, because most people probably thought that it could not happen here.

– How is it for you as mayor to experience that Kongsberg goes through something like that?

– It is completely inconceivable, but now we have ended up in this very tragic situation, so then we just have to solve it and it will now be as we get more knowledge about those who are injured and killed, so we must try to assist those who are relatives and the environment in the best possible way with the help and assistance they need, says Sand.

She believes that the local community will do what they can to help.

– Then I think that the Kongsberg community as such shows up in all possible ways and we have in a way a good system to catch up, but it is clear, it does not bring life back, it does not, she says.

Attack inside Coop store

It was at 18.13 on Wednesday night that the police received the first report of the incident. The man who has now been arrested moved over large areas in Kongsberg center, including a Coop Extra store.

NO EMPLOYEES INJURED: Coop says no employees were physically injured after the incident inside the store.

NO EMPLOYEES INJURED: Coop says no employees were physically injured after the incident inside the store. Photo: Erik Edland / TV 2

– We can confirm that there has been a serious incident in our store. We can also confirm that none of our employees are physically injured. What we are concerned about now is to follow up the employees in the best possible way, says Silje Verlo Alisøy, communications consultant, Coop Norge.

Among those injured in the incident was a police officer who was inside the store.

– It is a tragic event and very sad what has happened, says Alisøy.

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