This is how they will bring awareness!… They panic for nothing and their reaction goes viral

People start running away from a restaurant.
P. Diaz / Editor

An unusual and quite funny situation, analyzing it calmly, was the one that was experienced in Recife, in the south of Brazil, and whose video is going viral, since it is about a scene in which, in the middle of dinner in a restaurant, of those that they have also appropriated the sidewalks, a group of runners passes by running and practically all those who are at the tables get up and, thinking they are fleeing from something, go with them.

The group of people exercising passed by the restaurant, and the diners got up and also ran without paying their bill.

“In Brazil, outside a restaurant, a group of people passed by doing CrossFit, but those who ate thought they were running away from something and decided to run away with them,” wrote the person in charge of sharing it on social networks.

The reactions are the most disparate. We bring you a selection:

-A clear sign that human beings are being educated like sheep, if they tell us that COVID exists, we don’t investigate… We follow the herd.

-It reminds me of one night, on my way home, I passed through an alley and in front of me was a girl. I thought “that’s good, we’re both here”. She turned around walking faster, she didn’t want to separate me and I did the same, she ran and I ran, she screamed and I screamed… I never knew what she was chasing us.

-I live in Brazil, and there is a concept called “arrastão” which is literally a group/gang that come stealing in a “wave”. And it is very common especially in Rio. The people in that restaurant thought it was an arrastão and that’s why they ran

-What happens in the video is known as conformity bias, it is the tendency of people to behave like those around them instead of using their own judgment. It happens to all of us, but seeing it in others is super fun

-I would call it “living in latam”. You run first and ask questions later, because if you stay to find out, it becomes too late.

-One day outside my children’s school at the entrance time, 3 parents decided to “line up” while we talked, several lined up behind us and almost all of them asked what the line was for

-An example “Fast track” of how misinformation works (and affects).

What do you think?

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