This is the best time to go to sleep according to science

Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the importance of good sleep hygiene. And as such, studies on it are getting bigger and more frequent. The most recent of these gives us an indicator of the best time to sleep. According to the UK Biobank, there is an ideal time to fall asleep, depending on our cardiovascular system. After a study, the institution concluded that the best time to go to sleep is between 10 and 11 at night.

The body has an internal clock, which we know as the circadian rhythm. This is responsible for regulating the physical and mental functions of the body. It is not yet known why, but the results of the study noted a trend of alteration of the circadian rhythm in people who fall asleep very early or very late. For this research, involving 88,026 people, wrist accelerometers were used for seven days to assess cardiovascular patterns. When analyzing the sleep data, it was found that people who fell asleep before 10 or after 12 had a 25% increased risk of cardiovascular disease, while those who slept between 10 and 12 had a 12% risk reduction. The time of greatest risk is after 12 o’clock, possibly because they are the least likely to see daylight, which resets the internal clock. Among the factors that were analyzed, it was found that women are more vulnerable than men, and although the reason is not known for sure, the theory indicates that it is related to the endocrine system. There are still factors that need to be explored in the study, such as lifestyle, age and socioeconomic status, but if confirmed, sleeping between ten and eleven at night could become a public health priority, as it is a low-cost remedy. cost to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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