This is the man who is charged with the murders in Kongsberg

The police arrested Bråthen in Kongsberg on Wednesday night after receiving several reports that a man shot at people with a bow and arrow.

Five people were killed and two were injured. PST says the killings appear to be a terrorist act.

He has admitted that he committed the murders, but it is not known how he stands up to criminal guilt.

CLAP HUNTING: The police hunted for Andersen Bråthen over a longer period. While fleeing from the police, according to the police, he managed to kill five people himself. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen


The police confirmed on Thursday that they have received reports of concern that Bråthen was radicalized, by 2020 at the latest.

– The police have previously been in contact with the man, including that there have been concerns related to radicalization. We have not registered reports of the man in 2021, says Chief of Police Ole Bredrup Sæverud.

The police received the last report of concern in 2020.

– There have been several messages, but how many and over how long I do not have an overview of. There are some, but all the messages have been followed up, Sæverud emphasizes.

He is a convert to Islam, and TV 2 is aware that he has had contact with the Norwegian health service several times.

Visited the mosque

On Thursday, TV 2 spoke with Oussama Tlili, the leader of Kongsberg’s only mosque. He says that Bråthen visited the mosque several times five or six years ago, and that he made an impression.

– In what way did he impress you?

– Both in message and behavior, says the chairman of the board.

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Oussama Tili is chairman of the board of the mosque in Kongsberg, and Bråten visited several years ago.

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Oussama Tili is chairman of the board of the mosque in Kongsberg, and Bråten visited several years ago. Photo: Finn Erik Robstad / TV 2

– His talk was incoherent. He said he had been told from above to convey a message to the whole world. I said that Kongsberg is not the place to do it, says the chairman of the board as well.

– Did you think he was radicalized?

– No, not at all. I thought more that he had received some kind of revelation. I did not perceive that it had anything to do with Islam.

The two, three times the man stopped by, he did not stop by for prayer, says the chairman of the board.

– He stopped by here and wanted a chat about a revelation, and we did not take it so seriously, to be honest, says the chairman of the board.

He says that he does not remember what this revelation was specifically about, other than that it was a “strange message” he wanted to convey.

Danish citizen

Bråthen is a Danish citizen, and has lived in Kongsberg for several years. He was born in Norway and has a Norwegian father and a Danish mother.

In 2020, he was banned from visiting his parents for six months, after making death threats against his father.

According to the decision in Kongsberg and Eiker District Court, Bråthen had left a Colt revolver on a sofa before he left his parents’ house. According to the review, the revolver looked like a functional weapon.

Convicted several times

The 37-year-old was convicted in 2012 of theft and drug use. He broke into the Norwegian Mining Museum by smashing several window panes.

The verdict stated that he had also previously been convicted of similar offenses, but that it was so long ago that it did not affect the sentencing.

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