This is the new game from the creators of Dead by Daylight

In recent years, Behavior Interactive has focused primarily on its asymmetrical multiplayer title Dead by Daylight, and the accompanying dating sim spin-off Hooked On You. When it comes to multiplayer, Behavior Interactive has gained a lot of experience, which they are now using for their new game Meet Your Maker use.

Meet Your Maker: New multiplayer game from the makers of Dead by Daylight

Meet Your Maker is a building and adventure game in which players must save life on earth. This requires a certain resource, which players can collect using the so-called outposts. In order to protect their own outpost from other players, players must construct their outposts to trick and kill other players. As an intruder, you have to try to outwit other players’ buildings, which can also be packed with enemy creatures whose paths can be predetermined by the player.

“In a dying world, players take on the role of the Custodian, the servant of the Chimera: a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. You engage in a tactical battle for the most coveted resource of the planet and the key to the evolution of the Chimera: pure genetic material. But obtaining it will not be easy. Players must build and fortify maze-like outposts that mine and guard the precious material, or the creations of others Infiltrate and outsmart players to collect more. With every outpost in the game being built by the community, fan-created content is the driving force of the game.”

Meet Your Maker: Trailer for the new game from the Dead by Daylight makers

“Building is about erecting outposts designed to lure, trick, and kill unauthorized players. It involves combining a vast array of customizable blocks, traps, and guards to strategically create a deadly masterpiece. The innovative AI recording system allows guards to record their own patrol paths to surprise and swarm out raiders.On the other hand, outposts set up by others must be raided.Each outpost will use their courage, wits and reflexes to counter the Try them out as they try to get in, grab the genetic material, and get it out alive too. No two outposts are alike, which makes for great replay value.”

Meet Your Maker is supposed to happen at some point released in 2023 but the first closed play tests will start this month. All you have to do is register on the official website of the game and with a little luck you can already play the title on Aug. 23 try this year.

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