This is War: Warriors and Combatants broadcast the program on Instagram after the signal fell

Members of Esto es Guerra began broadcasting live through their Instagram.  (Photo: Instagram)
Members of Esto es Guerra began broadcasting live through their Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

This May 10, America Television left more than one surprised and worried after the sudden drop in signal stopping broadcasting his successful reality show This is warin which they were competing in the first test.

It all happened around 7:20 at night and thousands of users began to speak out on social networks in the face of this unusual event. “What happened to the América TV signal?”, “Canal N and América TV do not exist” and “Everything is frozen”were some comments on Twitter.

However, some members of the teams of the Warriors and Fighters They used their Instagram accounts to interact with their followers and broadcast what was left of the nightly show.

Among the first to connect was the new driver Renzo Schuller. He was seated and next to him was his partner Johanna San Miguel. “We are waiting for the signal to return”Said the actor and to which his duo added: “The signal from América Televisión, of all the channels, the only one that has left is from América”.

Also, both were very close and did not hesitate to make some jokes about what happened and their alleged rivalry. “The flat is bad. Do not send hate or destroy it because it is already destroyed. When it comes to competing (we face each other), right now because we are on pause we love each other, but later there is no way to love each other “said the popular ‘Shushu’ between laughs.

Renzo Schuller broadcast live after the fall of the América TV signal. (VIDEO: Instagram)

It should be noted that after public complaints and several minutes of waiting, América TV released a statement on its social networks explaining the reasons why its signal left. We are experiencing difficulties with electrical power at our Santa Beatriz plant. We will return shortly with our programmingthey pointed out.

Luciana Fuster He also decided to connect with his fans and through his live he wanted to introduce the production team. For this reason, she did not hesitate to focus on the members of the different areas that work in the reality show, as well as the general producer Peter Fajardo. The influencer managed to get more than 9,000 thousand followers to follow minute by minute.

Luciana Fuster broadcasting live.  (Photo: Instagram)
Luciana Fuster broadcasting live. (Photo: Instagram)

Other competitors who also joined the live broadcasts were Patrick Parody, who garnered over 6,300 views. Singer michelle soifer interacted with more than 2,400 followers filming herself and the set of Esto es Guerra. On the part of the fighters were Tepha Loza, Ignatius Baladan Y Rosangela Espinoza who came together to not let viewers disconnect from reality.

During the almost 60 minutes that remained of the program, some wanted to compete with each other again and the confrontation between Patricio Parodi and Ignacio Baladán was experienced, with the Uruguayan as the winner. Likewise, Michelle Soifer challenged Jossmery Toledo and won.

Later, they made some workers have fun in the competitions that are seen on the program every day. It should be noted that the game consisted of crossing a closed path and then grabbing a ball and passing it through some meshes until the bell rang.

Patricio Parodi broadcasting live.  (Photo: Instagram)
Patricio Parodi broadcasting live. (Photo: Instagram)
Michelle Soifer broadcasting live.  (Photo: Instagram)
Michelle Soifer broadcasting live. (Photo: Instagram)

The last one to cut her live was Johanna San Miguel, since he continued recording until he reached his dressing room. The driver told her more than 2,800 followers of hers who were watching her that tomorrow, May 11, everything will return to normal.

“What has happened is that there was a problem with the electricity from Santa Beatriz, which is where the signal is launched from here to Pachacamac. Tomorrow we will return live”Said the comedic actress blowing kisses to her fans.

Johanna San Miguel broadcasting live.  (Photo: Instagram)
Johanna San Miguel broadcasting live. (Photo: Instagram)


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