This is what George calls Prince William – family nickname revealed

This is what George calls Prince William - family nickname revealed

This is what Prince George calls his dad…

Prince George and Prince William have a very strong bond!

It can be hard to know what a royal calls their dad…

Is it His Royal Highness perhaps?

No… it’s much more mundane than that – at least if you look at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s family.

The British royal family apparently has several nicknames within the family. After all, to children George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, Prince William is a father.

A source, Fiona Sturgess, who attended the same sporting event as the family in 2018, told reporters that Prince George reportedly had an adorable nickname for his dad, it says People.

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He is said to have said:

“Are you playing football tomorrow, pops?

The nickname “pops” for dad is thus not such a formal expression. Can be equated with “farsa” or similar in Swedish.

In any case, it’s super cute!

Prince William celebrated England’s win

The Duke and Duchess and the whole family have a great interest in sports.

Last night, Prince William was seen several times during the final match between England and Germany that decided the football European Championship. Upon winning, Prince William got the chance to thank The Lionesses for their super effort.

Kate Middleton on her own adventure

Kate Middleton was not there to see the decisive match. The duchess was instead part of the sailing competition “Great Britain Sail Grand Prix” in Plymouth.

The secret about Prince George out – after all these years

Kate didn’t seem to mind that she couldn’t attend the exciting football match.

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