This is what Natalia Oreiro looks like as Eva Perón for the series ‘Santa Evita’

“Santa Evita” is the series based on the novel by Argentine writer Tomás Eloy Martínez, which recreates the story of the kidnapping and desecration of the embalmed remains of the then wife of Juan Domingo Perón.

The main roles are in charge of Natalia Oreiro and Darío Grandinetti and it will be released on July 26 -the date of Evita’s passage to immortality- on the Star+ streaming platform. Oreiro embodies Eva and this is what she looks like according to the images that were known.

This is what Natalia Oreiro looks like as Eva Perón for the series 'Santa Evita'

The synopsis indicates that the work directed by Rodrigo García, will reconstruct in seven chapters through flashbacks and with a tone of suspense the relationship between the former president and the actress, who later became a political leader. Also the internal one of the civic-military forces that overthrew Perón through a coup d’état after bombing Plaza de Mayo.

Adapted by Marcela Guerty and Pamela Rementería and recorded in more than 40 locations in Buenos Aires, “Santa Evita” comes to streaming as one of the great bets of the local Star + label, with the participation of 120 actors and actresses and an important work in the reconstruction of the time, in addition to the participation of a cast of figures, including Ernesto Alterio, Diego Velázquez and the Catalan Francesc Orella in a special appearance as doctor Pedro Ara, who embalmed Eva’s remains.

Directed and co-produced by Non Stop, the series is executive produced by Mexican actress and producer Salma Hayek and José Tamez, and artistically produced by filmmaker and theater director Alejandro Maci.

eternal eve

Eva died at the age of 33 in 1952, due to cervical cancer. Her body was preserved for three years waiting to be buried in the Monument to the Descamisado, a project that never materialized.

The dictatorship of Pedro Eugenio Aramburu kidnapped Evita’s body from the building of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) during the wake. Thus, she kept it hidden for 16 years so that her name would not be carried as a flag to victory. They missed him. Finally, Eva’s body was found in a cemetery in Italy, buried under the name of Gertrudis de Magistris.

Tomás Eloy Martínez’s book tells that story. Hopefully the series lives up to it, and the memory of the champion of the poor.

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