This is why Amazon and Apple were fined $ 225 million

  • Amazon and Apple were fined more than $ 200 million due to a “restrictive agreement” that prevents legitimate distributors from operating in the market.
  • The fine came from the Italian Competition and Markets Guarantor Authority, who ruled that an agreement between the companies, in 2018, violates the competition rules of the European Union.
  • Faced with this sanction, both Amazon and Apple will appeal the opinion of the body considering it “disproportionate and unjustified.”

In Italy, the US firms Amazon and Apple have been fined $ 225 million by the Italian Competition and Markets Guarantor Authority (AGCM).

According to what has been reported in various media, said body ruled that, in 2018, both companies reached a “restrictive agreement”, which prevents all legitimate distributors from operating.

As indicated by the Italian Competition and Markets Guarantor Authority, Amazon allowed Apple to prohibit third parties from selling its brand products on its platform, as well as the Beats brand, which is also owned by the apple company. .

The agency revealed that the agreement between Amazon and Apple “did not allow all legitimate distributors of ‘authentic’ Apple and Beats products to operate in the market.”

Given this, the Antitrust Authority determined a fine of 200 million euros (about 225 million dollars) for alleged anti-competitive collaboration, since, according to the investigation that has been carried out, there are clauses in said agreement that violate art. 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union ”.

In this way, Amazon was fined 68.7 million euros and, for its part, Apple received a fine of 134.5 million euros, in addition to which both firms have been ordered to desist from such practices.

Now, Apple has already issued a statement in which, of course, it denies these accusations and any in which it is involved in illegal acts or practices:

“To make sure our customers buy authentic products, we work closely with our reseller partners and have dedicated groups of experts around the world who work with Police, Customs and retailers to ensure that only genuine products are sold.” , was what the apple company declared and that has been replicated by different media.

For the Italian Competition and Markets Guarantor Authority, in reality, there is no turning of the page, since, from now on, both Amazon and Apple are obliged to allow and facilitate access to the site to all sellers of authentic products without any distinction or discrimination.

What comes now is an appeal by both companies, since they consider this accusation as “disproportionate and not justified”. In that sense, Amazon also shared a statement in which it expresses its rejection of the opinion of the Antitrust Authority:

“We reject the claim that Amazon benefits by excluding some sellers from its store, as our business model depends on their successes. Thanks to the agreement [ el acuerdo con Apple]Italian customers can find the latest Apple and Beats products in our store, enjoying a catalog that has doubled, with better offers and faster shipments ”. mentioned.

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