This Lego Star Wars icon is at the best price, and in stock!

News good deal This Lego Star Wars icon is at the best price, and in stock!

With the heat, it can be interesting to plan an indoor leisure activity to keep cool with your children. This is where the iconic little robot from the Star Wars saga comes in. The Lego R2-D2 thus goes from 170€ to 155€ with the Fnac reduction. A good purchase to plan an activity at home that will leave you with a nice souvenir in the window.

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Buy the R2-D2 Lego Star Wars at 155€ at Fnac

Luke Skywalker’s famous droid takes advantage of this, and goes from 170€ to 155€a good reduction for Lego products which generally have no real problem to leave stocks.

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Lego R2-D2: 2314 pieces of galactic technology

The least we can say is that the little droid of 31cm tall (about 1/2 scale) is beautiful, but not only.

Comes with a displayit looks perfect for display, which will be ideal if you already have a showcase and other Lego items.

The assembly is done intuitively thanks to the instructions and many parts are retractablewhich reinforces the usefulness of R2-D2, for the game for example.

A design object for the exhibition and for the game

It is therefore a essential collector’s item for the fan, with the multitude of options and meticulous details, such as Lego knows how to offer them to us.

Thus, you can find on the droid, the small arm which is used for him to hack locks electromagnetic. Its head spins and many Lego gadgets can fit in it. In short, you can have a good time discovering all the secrets of R2-D2.

For the price of 155€ at Fnac, in other words, it’s a very good offer for refine your collection of Star Wars goodies. Especially since the droid is not a confidential element of the saga, it is a key character who intervenes in two canonical trilogies.

Buy the R2-D2 Lego Star Wars at 155€ at Fnac

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