This little-known but antioxidant-rich fruit could help fight diabetes

At the basis of a healthy lifestyle there is a balanced diet which must be combined with regular physical activity.

Equally important is prevention, in fact it is necessary to carry out periodic checks to verify that all blood values ​​are regular.

Obesity and bad eating habits can also cause dangerous diseases such as diabetes in the long run.

We must always make sure that our diet includes an abundant consumption of fruit and vegetables to also fill up with antioxidants.

This little-known but antioxidant-rich fruit could help fight diabetes

To stay healthy it is important to limit the consumption of fatty foods and increase that of fibers that regulate the intestine.

Fish is also rich in beneficial properties, although we must be careful of excessive consumption of this food in particular because it is rich in sodium and cholesterol.

As for fruit, not everyone knows the kumquat, that is the Chinese mandarin, with its orange color and oval shape.

This fruit can be eaten with the peel and is characterized by a particularly sweet and aromatic flavor, with slight sour notes.

Kumquat is an excellent source of fiber (6.5g per 100g) and this makes it a satiating and easily digestible food.

According to Education, the amount of vitamin C it contains (43.9 mg per 100 grams) could help to combat diseases such as diabetes.

This vitamin could also help us fight seasonal ailments; in fact, this delicious fruit could be useful to strengthen our immune system.

When we buy them we must choose them by checking that they are well ripe, without stains or dents on the surface.

We at ProiezionidiBorsa always recommend that you consult the general practitioner who will evaluate the specific clinical picture based on our situation.

This little-known but antioxidant-rich fruit could help fight diabetes as well as lend itself to various culinary preparations.

How to use it

This food lends itself in an exceptional way to the preparation of fruit salads and jams, also using the peel.

Thanks to their flavor, they go very well with fish but also with different types of meat, such as chicken.

It might be useful to know that in addition to chicken and veal, this is the ideal meat for a balanced diet that helps us stay fit and healthy.

For dessert lovers, they are perfect to use as candied fruit to fill tasty custard or ricotta cakes.

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