This Logitech mouse is great, and costs less than €20!

If you are looking for a great PC accessory for competitive gamingbut at the same time save a few tens of euros, considering the recent offers of Amazon Black Fridaythen all you can do is take advantage of the new promo dedicated to a Logitech gaming micenow available at a very attractive price.

If you are interested, on the online store you can in fact buy the Logitech G203 Lightsync at €19.99 instead of €40.99thanks to a 51% discount from the recommended price by the US manufacturer, which translates into €21.00. We are talking about a great article for technical specifications and, considering the new price, it definitely gets a valid alternative to those on the market.

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The Logitech G203 Lightsync, being a purely gaming mouse, boasts all those specifications required by its target audience. First, it responds precisely to all movements, with the ability to change the sensitivity through the Logitech G Hub program, which allows you to choose well five levels of DPI for a maximum of 8000.

With a classic design, this mouse has all the potential to improve the comfort during gaming sessions. In addition to this, it boasts six buttons to customize the experience with modern video games, going to change the key mapping. There is clearly no shortage of LEDs placed all over the body, which can be modified by the software described in the previous paragraph.

Furthermore, among the specifications we find the presence of some mechanisms, made of resistant metal springs, which improve significantly the reliabilitythe performance and the handlingthe latter not to be underestimated by those who spend a lot of time in front of their gaming station.

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Our advice is to evaluate the purchase of Logitech G203 Lightsync before the offer runs out completely. That said, a further suggestion is to visit the Amazon page dedicated to Black Friday 2022, in which you will find an almost infinite series of promotions involving different categories of the portal, including gaming. Finally, don’t forget to activate your subscription Amazon Primethanks to which you can take advantage of the fast and, above all, free shipping services!

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