This mobile plan at less than 10€/month is the one you need if you are paying too much

If you want to enjoy the perfect reliability of a mobile network, the logical reflex is to turn to a recognized operator. If you want to take advantage of a service without having to pay a crazy sum, the logical reflex is to turn to a large distributor. And if you benefit from these 2 qualities at the same time?

Indeed, the Auchan group now gives you the benefit a mobile plan including 50 GB of internet data at only 9.99 euros per month. This package is based on the know-how and experience of the operator Bouygues Telecom. How then to hope for better to benefit from an excellent mobile network at a very low price?

Subscription is as simple as possible thanks to the dedicated site specially set up by the Auchan Télécom structure.

Low price from a major distributor + know-how from a reputable operator = super good deal!

The 50 GB package offered by Auchan Télécom is without any commitment on your part. Turned around the 4G network, you have at your disposal 50 GB at the maximum speed offered. However, if you exceed this value, the speed will be reduced but you will still have access to the web. If you have to travel, it is good to specify that you benefit from 9 GB in 4G, usable from the countries of the European Union and the DOM. Of course, there are also unlimited calls and SMS/MMS. The icing on the cake, when subscribing to the 50 GB package, you can choose a mobile phone from a selection of major brands for a symbolic €1. Take advantage of the 50 GB package at only 9.99 euros per month and it is on the Auchan Telecom site that it happens.

Click here to take advantage of the Auchan Telecom offer on the 50 GB mobile plan

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