This new feature would arrive with the PlayStation 5 of 2024

According to a recent report, Sony is planning to release a new PlayStation 5 console model in 2024 with a detachable disc drive. Sony has made small adjustments to its console Playstation 5 since the system’s launch in 2020, but now it looks like a more drastic change could be on the way.

As reported by reputed leaker Tom Henderson, Sony could be preparing a new PS5 console for launch around September 2024. In terms of power, this new console PS5 It will be more or less the same as the other models on the market, but the removable disk drive will be the main new feature.

This new feature would arrive with the PlayStation 5 of 2024

This alleged digital PS5 console will be sold on its own and in a “combo” with the disc drive. The disc drive is also expected to be sold separately, so those who own the digital version of PS5 will be able to use it as well.

The report claims that the existing PS5 consoles will be completely replaced by this new modelso we could reach a point where the digital versions of PS5 are effectively the only option available to consumers.

Aesthetically, it is believed that this new PS5 console will look similar to the current ones, but it is expected to be “thinner and lighter”. Giving up a console with a built-in disc drive will undoubtedly be a very controversial decision on the part of Sonyalthough the removable disc drive should alleviate concerns for those who still prefer physical games.

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