This new iPhone hack will help you choose your daily outfits

  • In 2021, the company earned approximately $71.6 billion from the sale of iPhones.

  • Apple is the second supplier of smartphone in the world, thanks to its flagship product.

  • In 2022, the company has made a profit of more than 1,700 US dollars.

Technology has evolved throughout the world, making inroads into many industries, especially fashion. Given this, thanks to social networks, a new hack by Apple’s latest update with its iOS 16, which will help many people to choose their outfits daily only with the help of iPhone.

The brand founded by Steve Jobs continues to amaze its users and the rest of the world. Firm data, published in its annual report, They highlight the Americas as the largest regional market for the technology brand, with net sales of 51.5 billion US dollars in the first quarter of the company’s fiscal year 2022.

The same report from the technology company also indicates that Europe and China are two other important markets for Apple, with revenues above 25 billion dollars.

The iPhone is the star product of the firm, which according to its data in the first fiscal quarter of 2022, the company entered approximately 71.6 billion US dollars from the sale of iPhones worldwide.

The new hack of the iPhone

If you have ever had a hard time knowing what to wear from your wardrobe, iPhone users seem to have a new trick to be able to know what outfit to choose only using the brand’s device.

The company led by Tim Cook has given iPhone users a solution in the new update of iOS 16 that Internet users have described as “genius”.

It’s a new feature that allows users to copy the subject of a photo and paste it into the notes app, but for fashionistas, this is the best tool as it allows them to keep track of the clothes they own. in your wardrobe.

Tiktok users have not stopped creating content promoting the hackwhere many show how they have organized many of their outfits in your notepad.

“Let’s talk about this new feature. It allows you to select and copy the subject of a photo and honestly this is great for me because it took a photo of almost every outfit she wore. So I’m going to start copying and pasting all my different photos into my notes app to create a wardrobe file for easy future reference,” reads a comment from @macaulay_flower.

For its part, Another TikTok user shared how she ranked her outfits for different occasions and styles.

@macaulay_flower Voice reveal?😂 I love this new ios 16 feature. Now I have an easy way to reference all of my fit checks👍🏼 #ios16 #fitcheck #mensfashion #bigboyfashion #ChewTheVibes #outfitinspo ♬ This Charming Man (2011 Remaster) – The Smiths

In her video, which has been viewed more than 400,000 times, she said she organized her outfit ideas “like a Polly Pocket,” calling it “the coolest thing in the world.” He then divided his appearance into sections including “date night”, “dinner” and “be comfortable”.

People were furious at the smart feature, leaving hundreds of comments on the two videos.

“The list in the girls’ notes will never be the same,” reads one comment.

“This makes me want an iPhone,” a woman wrote on the netizen’s recording.

Recall that the new Apple update arrived on September 12 and the firm announced a series of other features such as significant changes in iMessages, emails and the lock screen.

@natgawd I saw @Macaulay video and need to tell everyone 🥹👗🥿 #ios16 #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Natgawd

It is not the first time that Internet users, especially TikTok users, share tricks or better known as hack of some things, to make them easier or even to get to know them. As an example, a viral hack for Android users, which can help you have a cell phone with better performance in contrast to other brands and models.

And this is how social networks have become the best tool for people, especially the youngest, to share this type of tricks and functions that can help others.

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