This new series with Meryl Streep and Marion Cotillard does not ignite us

This new series with Meryl Streep and Marion Cotillard does not ignite us

With its exceptional cast, Extrapolations does not go unnoticed. to say the least. Cast in this Apple TV+ anthology mini-series on the consequences of global warming are Meryl Streep, who has just joined the cast of another big production, David Schwimmer, Gemma Chan, Sienna Miller – who is returned to the deception of Jude Law, Tahar Rahim, Matthew Rhys, Forest Whitaker, Marion Cotillard, Kit Harington (his opinion on House of the Dragon), Tobey Maguire, Edward Norton, Indira Varma, Keri Russell, Cherry Jones, Michael Gandolfini, Murray Bartlett, Diane Lane, Heather Graham, Ben Harper and Aimee Mullins. The first three episodes will be available on Friday the 17th, followed by new episodes every week, until April 21, 2023.

Extrapolations (Apple TV+): What is the event series about?

Created by Scott Z. Burns, this series features eight interconnected stories spanning 33 years. The action takes place in the near future, where the effects of global warming have become part of everyday life. Through these interwoven stories of love, work, faith and family, the series explores the choices that are made when the planet changes faster than the population changes. Each story is different, but the fight for the future of Man and the blue planet is universal. The destiny of humanity is played out in a race against time against time and the elements.

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Extrapolations (Apple TV+): Should we watch this star-studded fiction?

A series like Black Mirror studied the impact of new technologies on society. less successful, Extrapolations scrutinizes the consequences of global warming on humanity, through these stories carried by an anthology cast. If the environmental cause is not the most attractive theme and the plots are sometimes too demonstrative, the story becomes captivating at times thanks to script finds and the good performance of certain actors, in particular Edward Norton, Sienna Miller or Matthew Rhys. Marion Cotillard’s performance, however, is not one of her best. The series would surely have gained in simplicity, with a probably less prestigious distribution and a more compact plot, but it gives interesting food for thought.

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