This Pokémon puzzle is on sale and you won’t be able to finish it

Good plan news This Pokémon puzzle is on sale and you won’t be able to finish it

Published on 10/12/2021 7:15 PM

This puzzle of the Pokémon license has a peculiarity that makes all its interest: it is almost impossible to complete! Indeed, with the details it sports, it is particularly laborious to finish it. And in addition, it allows to highlight the most famous monsters to capture in the world!

1000 pieces, which may be enough to cool the most daring, but it’s the number of pieces contained in this reputedly impossible puzzle and which showcases the Pokémon of the very first generation!

Buy the Impossible Pokémon Puzzle for 16 € at Amazon

We no longer present Pokémon, this license has, over the years, carved out the lion’s share in the world of Pop-culture. Under the fold of Nintendo, Pokémon has grown to become a real dream machine.

It must be said that at the start, the pitch has something to leave you wondering. You play as a young trainer from the Kanto region. Still very young, we ask you, to forge a beautiful youth, to travel the country and record everything there is to know about Pokémon, these mysterious creatures and the secret of their power.

Indeed, the latter form the ecosystem of the world in which you operate. In addition to having their own characteristics, they are also endowed with special powers that allow them to survive, defend themselves and even evolve.

Adventure, exploration and Pokémon battles are the key to the first versions of the game (green and red) released in Japan in 1996 on GameBoy Pocket. Since then, Kanto has seen the arrival of new regions and entire cohorts of new monsters. But, this does not prevent early gamers from retaining a special nostalgia for the very first generation of Pokémon.

And that’s what we find in this Puzzle with the first 151 Pokémon, from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo! We’ve told you about this before, but this puzzle is back, and it’s even cheaper! Offered for less than € 17, it’s a great gift to give!

Pokémon puzzle: impossible, really?

At 70cm wide and 50cm long, this puzzle from Ravensburger is a beautiful object, which, when completed (if you have succeeded), will be an excellent decorative element. You can even have fun finding all the 151 Pokémon on it.

Buy the Impossible Pokémon Puzzle for 16 € at Amazon

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