This sea animal has never been observed in Norwegian waters

Marine scientist at the Institute of Marine Research and octopus enthusiast Gro van der Meeren are almost ecstatic about this weekend’s findings.

– I think it’s Christmas Eve and birthday at the same time when we receive messages like this.

Very rare

The Dumbo octopus was observed in Norwegian waters for the first time this weekend.

The marine scientist says that it is rare to get a glimpse of what she refers to as “the world’s sweetest squid”.

INQUIRY ENTHUSIAST: Gro van der Meeren is a marine scientist at the Institute of Marine Research. Photo: Sorosh Sadat / TV 2

– I would say that winning the lottery, there is nothing in relation to finding one like that. Some win the lottery every week – this is the first time in Norway, she says and adds:

– They are spread all over the world, but there are maybe five, six observations of those in the sea.

The octopus got its name from the famous Disney elephant Dumbo. This is due to the large fins, which the octopus actively uses to swim with.

At 1250 meters deep

As the species is very rarely observed, there is also limited knowledge about the octopus, says the marine scientist.

– Apart from a mega, most are 20-30 cm, they are pale in color, they do not have ink because they do not need it because down there it is deep, dark and black and they do not need the ink to defend themselves, sier van der Meeren.

She says that they can be down to 7000 meters underwater.

DUMBO SQUIRES: The squid catches food using the eight arms and sucks in the prey.  Photo: DeepOcean / Normand Ocen

DUMBO SQUIRES: The squid catches food using the eight arms and sucks in the prey. Photo: DeepOcean / Normand Ocen

– They are voracious and eat whatever they can to get their arms around. They have eight arms and between the arms they have a tablecloth so that it becomes like an umbrella, they also end up in their food and eat it right away.

Random discovery

The vessel Normand Ocean uses underwater drones to inspect platforms. This time they were to examine chains and risers at the Aasta Hansteen platform outside Tr√łndelag.

It was a pure coincidence that they were able to document a Dumbo squid.

At 1250 meters under the sea, the pilot noticed the spectacular sight. The video was then sent to the Institute of Marine Research.

– We think it is incredibly fun that those who have found it have used the research of marine research for the sea. That they have sent in pictures and film and told us about it. This is the first time. Now they have seen it and told us about it, and now we know that it is here, says Gro van der Meeren.

– Bingo

Gro van der Meeren believes that the species has most likely been in Norwegian waters for a long time, but that it is only now that we have got a glimpse of it.

– That they should be here is not so surprising. We have three or four of these species that are known from the north-east sea, she says and tells:

– He belongs there – only we have no idea.

She believes that it is a great advantage to have confirmation that the dumbo octopus has arrived in Norwegian waters.

– That it was filmed in Norway – it’s bingo. It’s absolutely amazing.

Watch the spectacular video at the top of the case!

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