This Side by Side Haier American fridge today costs less than €900

The Black Friday of this year has almost come to an end, after a week of crazy discounts on thousands of products and stores. In our dedicated press review we have told you about the best offers since the early hours of Friday 18 November, the date that marked the start of the promotions; now, however, we will focus on one product in particular, namely a fantastic American fridge available on Amazon at a bargain price!

The Haier HSR3918FIMP SBS 90 Series 3 refrigerator indeed it is currently available at €899.00 instead of €1,080.00; it is a reduction of 17%, which will allow you to save €181.00! Furthermore, since it is also possible to pay it in 12 comfortable monthly installments at zero interest from just €74.92really represents an unmissable opportunity!

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Being a Side by Side American-style refrigerator, the Haier HSR3918FIMP SBS 90 Series 3 has a huge capacity of 504 litres, which will allow you to store all the food you need without ever having to worry about running out of space. Indeed you will 4 ports availableall with only 65 depth: you will therefore have no problems placing it in your kitchen, since the area occupied will be very little compared to its capacity.

You will save not only space, but also time and resources: the Total no Frost technology will prevent the formation of frostwhile the innovative inverter compressor will reduce the vibrations of the refrigerator, allowing for reduced energy consumption and at the same time ensuring super-fast cooling.

Haier HSR3918FIMP SBS 90 Series 3 Haier HSR3918FIMP SBS 90 Series 3 Haier HSR3918FIMP SBS 90 Series 3

Furthermore, the Multi Air Flow system will uniformly distribute the cold air inside the refrigerator, thus allowing you to preserve your food for longer, while the innovative T-ABT system proposed by Haier will be able to eliminate bacteria from the air in indoor areas. In this way all your foods will last longer, allowing you to waste less and saving you money.

Having said that, we can only recommend this refrigerator to you, by referring you to the Amazon page dedicated to the offer. Our suggestion is to conclude the purchase as soon as possible, since the Black Friday discounts will end soon, while the available stocks could run out even sooner. Also, if you haven’t already done so, please consider subscribing to the service Amazon Primewhich will allow you to take advantage of the not only fast, but also free delivery of all orders; as the service is completely free for the first 30 days after activationthese days of discounts are the perfect time to try it out!

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