This tender moment of complicity between James Lafferty and Alexandra Park (PHOTO)

Couple in the city as on screen in the series Everyone is Doing Great on Hulu, James Lafferty and Alexandra Park shared a little moment of complicity on the set. A moment that the actress posted on her Instagram account.

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James Lafferty, the star of Scott Brothers, and Alexandra Park have been in a relationship since August 2015. The Australian actress plays Princess Eleanor Henstridge in The Royals, available on Netflix, featuring a fictional British royal family, alongside William Moseley and Elizabeth Hurley. It was on the set of this series that James Lafferty, who directed a few episodes, met the love of his life. Couple in the city, they are also on screen in fiction Everyone is Doing Great on the American platform Hulu, which revolves around Jeremy Davis and Seth Stewart, two actors revealed thanks to their roles in a series of vampires. Five years after the fictional finale, they lean on each other as they struggle to regain their former success. A series created by James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti, and which therefore echoes their journey, those who have known success in The Scott brothers.

Little moment of complicity on the set ofEverything is doing great

Wednesday May 11, James Lafferty and his fiancee Alexandra Park shared a tender moment of complicity on the set of the series Everyone is doing great. “Me flirting with the director of Everyone is Doing Great, a series I highly recommend everyone see. It’s on Paramount+ in Australia and Hulu in the US. I had the honor of producing and starring in this series alongside some of my best friends.“, she shared on Instagram in the caption of a photo of her and her fiancé, before adding that the series will be entitled to a season 2.

Alexandra Park (The Royals) and James Lafferty (The Scott Brothers) got engaged in 2020

If in the series, their couple is torn apart, in the city, Alexandra Park and James Lafferty are happy fiancés. In 2020, the actor had asked for the hand of his beauty. It was on Instagram that he announced the good news to his subscribers by posting an adorable selfie of him and his companion, smiling, with his very pretty diamond engagement ring. “She said yes“, had only written the actor with several emojis on the social network.

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