"This vehicle is in our way!"

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Cay Dobberke has the following topics for you:

  • 1000 yellow cards with the note “This vehicle is in our way!” have pinned members and supporters of the Berlin General Blind and Visually Impaired Association (ABSV) in Grunewald to the handlebars of electric scooters that were standing or lying around on sidewalks in various districts. Blind and visually impaired people “only notice the unexpected barrier in the event of a direct collision”, says ABSV chairman Joachim Günzel and demands: “Get rid of the stumbling blocks on sidewalks!” The action took place on the occasion of the nationwide Week of Seeing and the international day of the white stick. The symbolic warning cards “were literally torn from our hands,” says club spokeswoman Paloma Rändel. The campaign will continue, more cards in a “larger edition” have already been printed. More on this in the newsletter, other topics this time including:
  • Who will rule in the City West in the future?
  • Foundation helps women with breast cancer
  • The Memorial Church is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its new building
  • Delivery service converts intersection on the side street
  • 100 years of Avus: We are giving away the anniversary book with lots of photos
  • New listening experience in the book box at Grunewald train station
  • Readers: inside debate on transport policy

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