This was the spectacular neon party that Nicole Neumann organized for Allegra for her birthday

This was the spectacular neon party that Nicole Neumann organized for Allegra for her birthday

Nicole Neuman She took her first steps in the world of modeling when she was still almost a child, so throughout her life she had to get used to always being in the spotlight.

Fabián Cubero’s ex-partner has been the protagonist of more than one controversy during his vast career, mostly linked to his sentimental facet. But also Nicole Neuman it is news when practically anything happens to him, since he is one of the most popular figures of the national show business.

in the last hours Nicole Neuman He surprised locals and strangers by showing on social networks, more precisely on his official Instagram account, how Allegra’s birthday was.

Allegra turned 12 on January 6.

Allegra is the middle child out of the three she has. the model. The oldest is Indiana and the youngest is Sienna, all of them born as a result of her relationship with Fabián Cubero, from whom she has been separated for years and with whom she maintains a fierce confrontation.

The teenager turned 12 and her mother decided to celebrate it in a big way. She organized a ‘neon party’ in her luxurious house in a private neighborhood of Tigre, where a large part of the decoration and setting consisted precisely of a wide variety of lights, fabrics and balloons of intense colors.

Of course The party did not miss the huge cake, covered in a bubblegum-pink paste. There was also a table with both sweet and savory foods, a chocolate fondue fountain, pizzas and ice creams of all tastes and flavours, and even a section where guests could receive fully customized makeup, including glitter.

The guests could search for all the ice creams they wanted during the celebration.

One of the most striking things about the event is that in none of the images posted by Fabián Cubero’s ex can Indiana and Sienna be seen. In fact, everything indicates that the celebration focused on the young woman and her mother, since there were signs with the names of both on the tables.

Mother and daughter thoroughly enjoyed the event.

He denied the conflict

For months it has been rumored that things between Nicole Neuman and her eldest daughter, Indiana, are not doing well. The young woman would have moved to the house that her father shares with her current partner, Mica Viciconte, and she does not seem to want to give up to return to her mother and her sisters Allegra and Sienna .

Manu Urcera’s girlfriend stated that her daughter’s decision has to do with the fact that she is terrified of airplanes, and since she travels a lot to accompany the automobile pilot to his races, they cannot momentarily share so much time together. The truth is that since before Christmas they did not seem to have contact. Perhaps with the passage of time this family internship will be unraveled.

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