This week’s valley news: Gas fire, mosquito tips and Classic car week

• The gas fire in Staberg

Fire in gas warehouse outside Falun – everyone in the area is asked to go indoorsThe gas explosion in Falun – this has happened The rescue service on the explosive fire outside Falun: “I would almost describe it as a war zone” Bo about the powerful explosions from the fire at Staberg: “We thought the military blew up practice”“Now the unthinkable has happened” – Gunilla in Staberg saw the flames from the window

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On Tuesday, SOS was alerted to an explosion in a room where gas is stored outside Falun. Start the clip to see and hear what happened. Photo: SVT

Classic Car Week

The police on the trend at the car meeting: “More young people in circulation – 14-year-olds among the car crew”Ulla and Börje Thulin moved to Rättvik after the Classic Car Week visitClassic Car Week visitors are not worried about air pollution – “Think it’s worse in the big cities”Great financial gain for Rättvik’s associationsSigge from Karlstad competed in the box car competition at Classic car week

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Here the police describe what the nights have been like during this year’s Classic car week. Photo: Lukas Johansson/SVT

• Mosquito control

No mosquito plague at the lower Dalälven – but the danger is not over yetThe mosquito expert lists: How to protect yourself against mosquitoes in the best way

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The expert gives his three sharpest tips on how to protect yourself from mosquitoes in the clip. Photo: Andre Penner/AP, SVT

• More rule breakers at Fulufjället

Visitors break the rules at Fulufjället – ban on climbing, cycling and dronesRobin and daughter were rescued in Fulufjället: “You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help”

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“We hope that people will talk to us about what you can and can’t do here” – See Moa Kling talking about the problems surrounding Fulufjället. Photo: Sofie Lind/SVT

Dalhalla in Rättvik

Record summer for Dalhalla in Rättvik – never sold so many tickets for a concert summer

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This summer, Dalhalla has sold more tickets than ever before. Hear Dalhalla’s arena manager Marika Sernfält about the reasons. Photo: SVT / Lukas Johansson

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