This wonderful way of diva make-up is back in fashion and is becoming popular on all social networks

Many people would never have said it, but this year the make-up focuses on an icon of Italian cinema: Sophia Loren. The actress famous all over the world for having starred in many successful films has always retained her particular enviable charm.

The actress’s features are enhanced with a star make-up that so far few have replicated. But nothing more seductive and bewitching than trying and experimenting with this wonderful way of putting on make-up to feel like a diva and which is back in fashion right now, becoming popular on social networks.

A style that is going viral

Fashion has always been something that fascinates with its ever-changing trends. There are many influencers who for some years have been launching the fashion of the moment not only by wearing clothes from prestigious fashion houses, but also by dusting off old memories and making them current. Like this famous accessory back in fashion from the 90s.

Just think of the most followed Chiara Ferragni who with her millions of followers has conditioned the way of dressing millions of people and beyond.

In this vein, many people are continuously contributing bold and enterprising new ideas. For example, everyone will have heard of the spectacular and very simple baked pasta that is becoming popular on TikTok.

Among all these wonderful trends, a spectacular make-up to try immediately cannot be missing. A simple line of eyeliner on the lids for a cat eye effect popularized by actress Sophia Loren.

This trick is very easy to do and the result will be truly outstanding. The eyes will look much bigger and longer thanks to a cream colored eye pencil that will help to achieve a final effect ad hoc.

This wonderful way of diva make-up is back in fashion and is becoming popular on all social networks

The first step is to proceed with a normal make-up base made of primer, concealer, foundation and blush. After these steps you can move on to reshape the eye line with a flesh-colored pencil, drawing the outer end longer and raised compared to the natural lines of the eye.

Then draw a line from the inner corner of the eye outwards with a small wing upwards. Then, with a black eyeliner, draw a thin line along the inner corner of the upper lash line. Go up to the outer corner of the eye ending with an upward wing.

Do the same step for the lower lashes by passing the flesh-colored pencil inside the eyelid. Sweep a line of black eyeliner joining the top line. In this way you will get a small, apparently empty wing, previously colored with the flesh-colored pencil.

Finally proceed with the application of the mascara, trying to avoid the horrible stains and smudges, with a simple secret.

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