This year the game changes during Black Friday with the Virtual Arena

From 26 to 28 November, appointment with the Virtual Arena #changethegame, 3 days of gaming and entertainment in the name of sustainability.

The main theme of the event will be the UN2030 Agenda, with particular attention to environmental issues, inclusiveness and collaboration. Furthermore, the collaboration between ProGaming Italia e ZeroCO2, a benefit company that carries out reforestation projects with a high social impact. The partnership between the two companies will give life, starting from the Virtual Arena, to the first Esports park without territorial borders, theePark planted by ProGaming. It will be possible to redeem a tree through a discount code that will be published on social networks Instagram, Twitter and on live chat Twitch di Virtual Arena and thus help offset the CO2 emissions emitted during the entire event.

There will also be an artistic moment, with illustrators who from their Twitch channel will represent the theme of each day on digital paper.

He leaves Friday 26th November with Pokémon for changes, a showmatch on Pokémon Sword and Shield between talent and proplayer commented by the duo ilCarlinocolRossetto, Maurizio Carlino and Stefano Rossetto. But the show does not end here, there will be many moments of talk with Denis and Manuel, host of the day, of the Pokémon Millennium community on environmental issues specifically related to the Pokémon world and beyond!

The Virtual Arena will continue Saturday 27 November with a day on the theme of inclusiveness, community and representation of minorities: Same Love, Same LoL. Together with the in-depth talks, the most played MOBA showmatch ever dominates, League of Legends, with four pairs of talents who will compete in the ARAM mode, in two semifinals and a very fierce final, commented by Simone “Slim0” Zappia and WolcatGames.

The live event will end Sunday 28th November on the subject of collaboration, a conclusion that encompasses the meaning of the Virtual Arena and the message that we want to launch: collaboration not only in the world of Esports and gaming, but also on a global level to achieve the objectives of the 2030 agenda.

The day entitled Play better, Play Together on the title Rocket League will be an opportunity to address the issue of collaboration and unhinge the stereotype of “women, motor football better to stay out of it“, Thus continuing the discussion on gender equality.

In fact, four pairs of female and male players will compete in a showmatch on Rocket League in a 2v2, who will win?

Host of both days will be Bryan “Bryanbox” Ronzani, host of the first program dedicated to the world of gaming and Esports on Radio 105.

To make a more vertical contribution on the theme of inclusiveness, Woman in Games Italia, an organization that for years has been promoting the issue of gender inclusion in the Videogame and Esports sector at national and international level and disseminating job opportunities related to interactive digital works and in particular the Videogame.

NZXT e Intel will accompany the event as main partner and during the three days, NVIDIA will be presenting partner of a dedicated segment in which three of the brand’s flagship products will be explored: Ray Tracing, DLSS, Reflex.

All that remains is to discover all the guests of the event and follow it live on the Twitch channel Virtual arena!

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