This YouTuber recreates Squid Game in real life

A little over two months after its release, Squid Game continues to talk. Phenomenon of this return to Netflix, we learned a few weeks ago that the South Korean series would be entitled to a second season. In view of the success of the first episodes, it was certain but the director Hwang Dong-Hyuk confirmed it in front of the cameras. With such enthusiasm, we no longer count the derivatives of kdrama. Thus, the American videographer MrBeast saw the big picture. In his latest video he recreated Squid Game and offered $ 456,000 to the winner. The only difference with the South Korean series: the losers are not eliminated, fatally speaking.

Squid Game for real?

Three elements that made the worldwide success of Squid Game ? Games for children that are not so harmless, a large amount of money at stake and a polished aesthetic. For his Squid Game in real life, MrBeast has taken all of its winning ingredients, leaving aside the dead of course. Thus, the YouTubeur paid $ 3.5 million to recreate the famous series identically with 456 candidates.

We thus find the six games present in Squid Game : One two Three Sun, dalgonas, tug of war, marbles… Only the final test differs from the series. The game of octopus being very popular in South Korea (especially in the 70s) but much less here or in the United States, MrBeast has opted for musical chairs.

One can only be impressed by the accuracy of the sets set up by the videographer and his team. No detail has been overlooked and it’s amazing. We imagine that a colossal work is hidden behind. In short, we almost believe it… Even the meal between the finalists is in the video. As for the dollOne two Three Sun, it freezes our blood!

And if the winner does come away with $ 456,000, the losers too are entitled to “small” monetary rewards. To thank them for their participation in this Squid Game IRL. It’s still much nicer than being shot by the Pink (or Red?) Soldiers.

MrBeast: high profile videos and charity work

One thing is certain: MrBeast clearly knows how to use the money he manages to earn from his videos. This may be reminiscent of the case on the amounts received by streamers on Twitch: as ZeratoR said, the more money a content creator makes, the more he can invest in high-profile videos. As MrBeast proves very well, then.

And when he does not put his money back into mind-blowing video productions, the YouTuber reinvests what he earns in charitable actions such as animal shelters, the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis or even the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior. Program. In 2019, he launched the online pot #TeamTrees, which aimed to plant a tree for every dollar raised. In short, money well spent.


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