Alexander Zverev and Sophia Thomalla

Thomalla: No love for Zverev at first sight

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Sophia Thomalla on the relationship with Alexander Zverev: “It wasn’t love at first sight.” © Matthias Balk/dpa

They are one of the most famous celebrity couples in Germany: Alexander Zverev and Sophia Thomalla. In a documentary, the actress speaks openly about the relationship.

Hamburg – Sophia Thomalla (33) spoke openly about her relationship with tennis Olympic champion Alexander Zverev (25). In the documentary “ZVEREV – The Unfinished” that appeared on RTL+ on Sunday, the actress and TV presenter says about the two coming together: “It’s not a romantic story.” They met through friends and after a while found each other. “Sometimes you talk to each other and think: ‘Yeah, something can happen.’ And then all of a sudden it happens,” said Thomalla. “It wasn’t love at first sight.”

In the approximately 90-minute documentary, Zverev gives rare insights into his private life and that of his family. The focus is on Zverev’s way back to the tennis court after his serious foot injury in the semifinals of the French Open at the beginning of June last year.

Thomalla: “We don’t have a simple life together”

Thomalla also accompanied him. The 33-year-old says about the relationship between the two, who are always in the limelight: “There are two particularly blatant life models that meet.” Zverev with his enormous sports workload that determines eleven months of the year, she with her “anything but” continuous life with a lot of travel. “We enjoy – as stupid as it sounds – the simplest things together. Because we don’t have a simple life together.”

Nevertheless, she can always rely on Zverev. “I don’t need a provider. I need someone I can call 24 hours a day and throw up. And he’s very good at that,” said Thomalla about Zverev, who was eight years his junior. dpa

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