Thomalla on the beach in Miami: Sophia's dirty chain message

Thomalla on the beach in Miami: Sophia’s dirty chain message

A clear message – but to whom?

Presenter Sophia Thomalla (33) is sunning her well-toned body on the beach in Miami, USA. Her lover, tennis star, is in the Florida town Alex Zverev (25), currently on the court at the Miami Open 2023. And Sophia treats herself to a break here and there between sand and sea.

In a black bikini, she unwinds, stretches out on the lounger, shows her many tattoos and then cools off in the water. With dark sunglasses on his nose and a lot of bling-bling jewelry on his body.

Beach mermaid Sophia Thomalla on Miami Beach

Photo: MEGA

Die Thomalla was, as a look at her Instagram profile reveals, early in the morning on the public beach section, first sipping the coffee, then the water bottle.

While other party people are watching the celebrating the legendary spring break in Miami, she prefers to lie around alone and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

What great photos are taken! But one detail is more of a “weird” category. More precisely: what is written on her gold chain. If you look very closely, you will see that the amulet is decorated with writing. It says in capital letters: “FUCK YOU”. Yes, you read that right!

Not only Till Lindemann's tattoo is an eye-catcher, but also the

Not only Till Lindemann’s tattoo is an eye-catcher, but also the “Fick Dich” chain around Sophia’s neck

Photo: MEGA

Is this a message to photographers? An ex boyfriend? A former girlfriend? Or just a fashionable piece of jewelry with a cheeky statement? Only Sophia Thomalla knows that herself. But her chain is always an eye-catcher.

And it gets even more exciting! Because if you google for the gold chain, you will see: The thing has TWO sides, is reversible. On the other side of the 150 euro sweetheart it says: “ FUCK ME“.

In any case, this message should only apply to ONE. BILD knows: Presenter Sophia bought the chain herself some time ago and thinks the piece of jewelery is simply cool.

App users come here for the survey: Would you wear such a necklace?

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