Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth’s brutal training to gain muscle

With an impressive physique in Thor 4, Chris Hemsworth bent on brutal training for 12 months to achieve this result!

Image 1: Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth's brutal training to gain muscle
The actor has an impressive physique! – Credit: Marvel Studios

You are not unaware that the MCU continues its construction on Disney+. In this moment, the spectators discover the adventures of Miss Marvel. But Disney is not forgetting the big screen with the upcoming release of Thor 4. Chris Hemsworth, who may sign his last Marvel film, wants to please fans by pushing the limits in terms of physics. The Australian hunk is already flexing his muscles in the leaked videos of the feature film and shares his brutal training during an interview for Disney himself.

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Intense and precise exercises for a year!

In Thor 4, the Norse god rubs shoulders with Gorr. A creepy supervillain and true deity killer played by Christian Bale (The Dark Knight). Inevitably, it is better to unsheath the muscles and we can say it, Chris Hemsworth has an imposing physique that has been steadily growing since the first film. To display such a result in Thor 4the man submitted to a brutal training that he describes to us in an interview for Disney.

It was particularly difficult because the target weight was much higher than previously achieved. I’ve probably never been in better shape. For a year I stayed home to train and manipulate my body like a puppet. More swimming, more martial arts, we adjusted the calories. It was quite a funny exploration. I got very big and fit but had to stay consistent for four months which was very hard. I really like bodybuilding. It has become a hobby that allows me to live, play with my children, surf and that kind of stuff. It was a chore once but now it’s an addiction, I love that. I don’t necessarily like to do bodybuilding to always be like Thor. It’s brutal on my body with the amount of food and so on.

–Chris Hemworth

To discover the big arm of the actor in Thor 4, see you on July 13 at the cinema!

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