Thor 4: who is Mighty Thor, Chris Hemsworth’s replacement?

Thor 4 introduces Mighty Thor, a new take on the Norse god. To prepare for the release of the feature film, we summarize what you need to know about Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman!

Image 1: Thor 4: who is Mighty Thor, Chris Hemsworth's replacement?
A new version of the hero – Credit: Marvel Studios

It did not escape anyone. The old Avengers team gives way to the new generation. On Disney+, Kate Bishop succeeds Clint Barton while Black Widow passed the torch to Yelena Belova. Falcon reclaims Cap’s shield and Miss Marvel announces herself as one of the leaders of tomorrow. And if nothing has been confirmed, Chris Hemsworth seems to be preparing his departure after years as Thor. I have to say that Thor 4 introduces Mighty Thor, an iteration loved by comic book enthusiasts played by Natalie Portman aka Jane Foster. But who is this character? We summarize everything for you in two minutes flat!

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A heroine with overpowering and divine powers

Jane Foster has been around in comics for years. once vulgar love-interest from the Norse god, the character goes from nurse to astrophysicist in the MCU. However, she remains a woman serving as a pretext for a romantic relationship. But everything will change as Mighty Thor in Thor 4.

Mighty Thor is not Thor but a separate version that can exist with that of Chris Hemsworth. She has all the powers and abilities of her counterpart like increased resistance and enormous strength. The heroine also masters Mjolnir but be careful. If she drops the weapon for more than a minute, she becomes Jane Foster again. When throwing the hammer, it immediately returns to his hand like Thor. She can also repel projectiles by spinning it quickly.

And if you’re wondering why Jane Foster can become Mighty Thor, it’s pretty simple. When he came to Asgard, the astrophysicist proves herself worthy of wearing Mjolnir. Unfortunately, a problem arises with each transformation related to his terminal cancer. She loses the benefits of her treatment.

Jane Foster has terminal cancer

Jane Foster, in the comics, has terminal cancer. Thor 4 will adapt this plot in which the young woman loses the results of her treatment with each transformation. The heroine prefers to sacrifice herself to fight as Mighty Thor even if it means putting her survival in danger. An altruistic approach worthy of the character.

As a person with the disease, Jane Foster allows a straightforward look at cancer. Despite the exhaustion, she wishes to fight for her ideals.

To discover Mighty Thor, go to the cinema on July 13, 2022.

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