Thor 4 will likely be Chris Hemsworth’s last Marvel movie

Thor: Love and Thunder, fourth installment in the series, gives us an appointment on July 13 in dark rooms. At the top of the bill, there will of course be Chris Hemsworth. However, it may well be his last film.

Thor: Love and Thunder © Marvel

Chris Hemsworth says the movie Thor: Love and Thunder may well be his very last Marvel movie, with his character’s future in the MCU uncertain. The Australian actor made his Marvel Studios debut with the film Thorreleased in 2011. He then appeared in eight other films from the studio.

At the end of May, Marvel Studios unveiled a brand new official trailer for the film. We finally saw Christian Bale, almost unrecognizable, in the role of the god Gorr.

Chris Hemsworth will not return after Thor: Love and Thunder

In his interview with Wired, Chris Hemsworth praised Waititi for his vision ” fresh and fun » of the God of Thunder, before stating that he was excited to approach the character from a new angle. The actor, however, admitted that Love and Thunder could well be his last film at Marvel.

His future in the MCU is therefore uncertain. ” Love and Thunder might just be my last Marvel movie. I do not know. It was a terribly funny and wacky experience, as with all Waititi films ” he said. ” I’ve been playing this character with excitement for ten or eleven years. Every movie is refreshing, new ” he added.

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The actor, however, clarified thathe would like to continue playing this role for years, according to the opinion of his fans. ” The hardest part though is having to reinvent yourself every time and not making anything predictable. “, he said. ” I love playing this character and will continue to do so, but only if the fans want it concludes the actor.

After all, Natalie Portman’s arrival in the MCU may be an opportunity for Chris Hemsworth to pass the torch to a new incarnation of his character. The film Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive as a reminder on July 13, 2022 in our dark rooms.

Chris Hemsworth’s interview at Wired can be found below.

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