Those accused of murdering a young man in Santa Ana remained silent before the Justice

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 0:30 a.m.

Sergio MB (29) and Juan I. (63), the two detained for the murder of Fernando Daniel Sánchez (20) in the town of Santa Ana, were transferred yesterday to the Posadas Investigating Court Six to complete the preliminary hearing.

As detailed by sources involved in the process to El Territorio, both appointed a defense attorney and before Judge Ricardo Balor they heard the elements against them and were formally charged for the act.

Meanwhile, when they had the opportunity to give their version of the events, both decided to refrain from testifying, as their law protects them. For the time being, they will continue to be deprived of their liberty.

As reported by this medium, the main version that emerged from the surroundings of the accused was that Sánchez had tried to rob them and in that instance they shot him, causing his death.

Sánchez’s family, for its part, denied the facts.

According to the data recorded by police spokesmen consulted by this morning, the fact was notified to the Police minutes after 4 in the morning on Sunday.

According to the spokesmen, the boy was attacked while he was in the patio of a house in the Martín Chico neighborhood.

Fernando Sánchez (20) was murdered at dawn on Sunday.

Scared by the situation, the boy’s mother alerted the 101 Emergency System about the situation. But by the time an ambulance with paramedics arrived at the house, it was found that Daniel had died moments before.

In turn, a police commission that also arrived at the scene immediately began to investigate the circumstances of the event and in a matter of minutes managed to locate two alleged perpetrators of the event, who were transferred to the local police station.

Both Sánchez and the alleged aggressors are residents of block 63.

In addition, a 22-caliber rifle was seized from the home of one of these, which was presumably used in the incident and will be examined by investigators from Regional Unit X.

Deny alleged robbery

Most of its residents woke up to the sound of the shots that ended Fernando’s life. According to his relatives, at no time did he try to steal, but he was simply drinking alcoholic beverages in the patio of his house.

They also stated that he used to shout sapucays and that this kept his alleged aggressors annoyed, with whom the relationship had apparently not been good for months. This medium spoke with Sandro Sanchez (27), Fernando’s older brother, who with great indignation went out to clean the image of his relative.

“I don’t want them to continue to dirty my brother’s memory, it is true that he had many tickets in the Police, but for troublemaking. But I say with complete certainty that he did not try to rob the house of those who killed him, “said Sandro, who clarified that Fernando was simply drinking wine and listening to music.

“Every once in a while a sapucay hit, I know that many were upset about that and those neighbors had already threatened him and my youngest brother, who works in Corrientes. What’s more, one or two Saturdays ago my younger brother had come from Corrientes, they went to the bowling alley and when they came back, the neighbors attacked them with stones, they didn’t do anything to them because they ran. This time they fulfilled the threat, but with my brother Fernando, ”said Sandro, who also commented that his relative left a 1-year-old son and a destroyed family.

For her part, Gisela López, sister-in-law of the deceased, said: “They are lying when they say that he wanted to rob the neighbor’s house, that is a lie. We were there, we asked him to go to sleep, but he was with the sapucays that characterized him and that’s when the shots are heard. It should not be ignored that they had already threatened my brothers-in-law with death, but we did not know that they had a weapon. This is unbelievable, I know he was upset when he drank, but that they come to that is unbelievable”.

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