Those who visit the tallest tree in the United States will be fined and can end up in prison

The tallest tree in USA It is located in the north of the state of California. For centuries, it lived a quiet life, with no major visitors because Redwood National Park doesn’t even have trails that bring tourists close to the tree. However, in recent years, more and more people dared to make their own way, but this is over.

The authorities of this park located on the north coast of the North American country imposed fines of up to 5,000 dollars and up to six months in jail for those who come within 2.5 kilometers of the tallest tree in USA (and the world), known as Hyperion.

The Hyperion tree seen from below.

It just so happens that recently travel bloggers, tree enthusiasts and rock climbers have managed to make their way through nature, cross a river and reach the tree, discovered in 2006. However, in their path, they damaged the vegetation around the gigantic red sequoia, which caused the authorities of USA they will block the way for everyone.

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