Thought she bought the same shampoo – then she compared the contents

– It appeared to be exactly the same product on the website, says a confused Lene Monique Olaussen from Mandal.

– Does not feel the same

For several years she has sworn to the popular brand Bed Head, which she has usually ordered from the online store This time she chose to buy the hair products from the competitor

NOT LIKE: There is a clear color difference between the two shampoos Lene bought. Photo: Private

– But when I opened the new shampoo, I was surprised. The contents have different colors, and it smells and looks completely different than the bottle I had before. When I wash my hair with them, they do not feel the same.

SAME BALM?  Judge for yourself .... Photo: Private

SAME BALM? Judge for yourself …. Photo: Private

– I have quite thick hair, and the one from Blivakker I have to wash my hair twice to make it foam properly. The shampoo from Lyko started foaming right away, says Lene.

Counterfeit products?

She has also ordered Bed Head conditioner from both online stores. These products are not the same either.

– I do not want to pay for a fake product, but I do not know which of them may be fake. How can I find out? Lene wonders.

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– Not chemically similar

After studying the bottles in detail, Lene discovered some small differences in the table of contents on the back. TV 2 helps you ask chemist Alexander H. Sandtorv to take a look at the products.

NOT SURPRISED: Chemist Alexander H. Sandtorv sees several differences in the content.  Photo: Eirik W. Breistein

NOT SURPRISED: Chemist Alexander H. Sandtorv sees several differences in the content. Photo: Eirik W. Breistein

– What I see is that the two shampoos are not chemically similar. They contain many of the same ingredients, but they occur in different order in the two products, which indicates that they are added in different amounts. I also find ingredients that are in one version, and not the other. These ingredients may point to what has happened here.

– That the colors are different, I am not surprised – the dyes are also in different order. This means that the pigment mixture in the products is not identical – and then we get different colors, Sandtorv explains.

Manufacturer: – Do not think it is counterfeit

TV 2 helps you get in touch with both Blivakker and Lyko, both by phone and by email. When asked why the shampoos can have different content, and how the companies respond to the reaction from customers, the answer is brief: neither Blivakker nor Lyko will comment on the matter.

The companies broadcast TV 2 help you on to HeadBrands, the Nordic distributor of Bed Head products, and want them to comment on the matter.

HeadBrands, for its part, forwards our inquiry to TIGI, the American manufacturer of Bed Head – which eventually responds to emails.

– After studying the pictures, we do not think this is a counterfeit product. But in order to give a complete assessment and confirm this, we must receive the actual product, the company emphasizes.

Warns against viral trend

Expected the same color

TIGI explains that they carry out strict stability and storage time tests on each and every new product, before launch, to ensure that the product is completely safe to use even in extreme storage conditions.

– The blue dye we use in the product is approved for use in food, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, and is considered non-toxic and safe.

– Although we actually expect the products to have the same blue tone, we know that a compromise in choosing this safe dye is that the blue color can fade over time and under harsh storage conditions. However, this does not affect the performance of the product, TIGI points out, and concludes that they should look into the matter together with their product quality team.

– Hard to say

Fredrik Gelkner, CEO of importer HeadBrands, does not think it is with them that the bottles have been exposed to these “tough storage conditions”:

– It is difficult to predict where in the chain the product should have been exposed to difficult conditions. HeadBrands receives the products by truck and stores them at approx. 18 degrees.

– Bit strange

TIGI thus writes nothing about the actual content of the products having changed. And Gelkner says that HeadBrands does not know that any changes have been made to the content. Nor do the online stores Lyko and Blivakker. So Lene is still unsure of what has happened.

– I think it’s a little strange if they have changed the ingredients without saying anything about it. And at least the harsh storage conditions they point to as a possible cause have not been with me. The bottles have been in the shower, and it should not be too tough for shampoo and conditioner, right?

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