Thousands take to the streets around the world to call for an end to violence against women

From Mexico a Istanbul, going by Madrid, thousands of protesters marched and launched slogans demanding an end to violence against women.

On Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Mexico City, Guatemala O Montevideo, feminist activists organized demonstrations on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Generally peaceful and vindictive, the march was dotted with Istanbul for the intervention of the riot police, who fired tear gas at the protesters who asked the government to return to an important convention to protect women.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan retired to Turkey from Istanbul Convention, a treaty ratified by more than 30 European countries to prevent and fight violence against women, arguing that it damaged the traditional values ​​of the Turkish family.

Women and activists in the country consider that this withdrawal gives the aggressors a feeling of impunity and denounce that 345 women died this year alone.

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“¡Mexico feminicide!”

In a country rocked by a spiral of murders of women like MexicoThousands of people formed a huge block of black clothes with purple flashes in a march that had friction with the 1,500 policewomen deployed by the authorities.

Small groups of protesters with hammers tried to snatch the officers’ shields, who used irritating gases to disperse them. They also carried out destruction, painted or improvised with chemical fire throwers, repelled with fire extinguishers by the uniformed women.

“¡feminicide mexico! They are killing us! “A protester claimed in the middle of a brief brush with the police.

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Official figures indicate that since 2019 more than 10,700 women have been murdered in the country. Estimates of the HIM-HER-IT They estimate that gender violence kills an average of 10 Mexican women a day.

According to HIM-HER-IT, one in three women in the world has experienced physical or sexual violence, usually from someone they know.

“The women victims of violence they must be protected, “Pope Francis intervened on Twitter.

Spain dyed in violet

There were also demonstrations in Spain, a country with an openly declared government feminist that has made the fight against gender violence a priority. In fact, the country has specific legislation on this issue since 2004.

And since 2002, it has a public observatory of gender violence which has counted 1,118 women murdered by their partners or ex-partners since 2002, 37 of them in 2021.

The powerful Feminist movement he dyed the streets of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia O Sevilla in demonstrations accompanied by chants such as “We are not all, the murdered ones are missing” or “Not one less, we want each other alive.”

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“Worldwide it is still a scourge and a very big problem and it is time for the patriarchal violence to end,” said Leslie Holguín, a 30-year-old student and actress at Madrid.

In the capital, with some of its monuments illuminated in purple, the march was led by a large banner that read: “#Hartas of sexist violence against women. Solutions now!”

“End the sexist violence it is a true state policy “, tweeted the president of the Spanish government, the socialist Pedro Sanchez.

Increase with the pandemic

There were also multiple marches in Latin America and the Caribe where, according to a study by the Cepal (the United Nations commission for the region), at least 4,091 women were victims of femicide in 2020.

Hundreds of women marched this Thursday in Guatemala city, in a peaceful walk led by banners reading messages such as “Zero tolerance for violence against women” or “For the lives of women.”

On Peru, the claim was advanced to Wednesday night. Dozens of women dressed in white participated in a march and a symbolic funeral procession held in the populous district of Villa El Salvador, south of Lima.

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“It is part of our daily life, violence against women, I think there is not a day where we wake up and there is no news on that subject,” Marie Eve Gougeon, 40, told AFP.

In Peru, 132 femicides were reported between January and November, surpassing the mark for the same period in 2020 (127), according to the Ombudsman’s Office. Also, 258 cases of attempted femicide and 4,904 disappearances.

“The outlook for our country is very worrying, in the pandemic the rates of violence rose,” the Minister of Women, Anahí Durand, told the press.


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