Three alternatives to charge your notebook in case you have forgotten the charger at home

Never go out if your charger laptop. You don’t know when the battery is going to run out and it might abandon you in the middle of an important task. There is nothing more useless than a zero percent charged laptop.

But if it is something that happened to you due to a small oversight (it can happen to all of us), pay attention to these three alternatives. They are for you to run in totally extreme cases that you forgot the charger at home and you need to turn it on yes or yes.

The ideal is to wait to return home since with any of these options you could compromise the health of the battery or cause the notebook to operate at levels that are below the required standard. But if you have no other choice, apply one of these three options.

Alternatives to charge your notebook

  • USB-C cell phone charger: This entry, already almost installed in the entire universe of Android phones, has the possibility of charging your notebook that is also arriving with the same type of ports. hard zone explains that, perhaps, the 30 W are not going to be enough, but they will get you out of trouble.
  • power bank: wireless port cell phone chargers also emerge as a good option for an emergency. They have a similar problem as the cell phone charger, but they offer less power. So, you will have to get your work done much faster.
  • Car battery: This is the most extreme option, but it can work for you. You need a running vehicle, a couple of cables for the battery and a power inverter, such as the 200W current from Bestek that will give you up to 200W of power.
Battery Car

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