Three thirds three XV-MMXXII

I Today marks Mother’s Day, a celebration that began thanks to the initiative of Excelsior and that has transcended worldwide, a great proposal that has had international reach, I take this opportunity to celebrate my beloved mother with all my love. For now, I celebrate her great love of sports, her passion watching the games, her joy when there is a touchdown or a good goal, simply a joy. Congratulations, then, to all the mothers on this day.

II Simply sensational has been the performance at the Madrid Open of the young man from Murcia, Spain, Carlitos Alcaraz, who turned 19 years old five days ago. The most important triumph of his very young career has allowed him to reach sixth place in the ATP ranking, quite a feat at such a young age. Born in El Palmar, he followed in the footsteps of his father who served as director of a tennis school in that city. Then he emigrated five years ago to the school of Juan Carlos Ferrero, former number one in the world, his great mentor and current coach.

At only 16 years old, he won his first challenger tournament, the ones with the lowest purse, which serve as a platform for tennis players, and from there, due to his young age, he made his close ones hope, because that is very rare. Now, on consecutive days, on his way to the title of the Madrid Open, he defeated Rafa Nadal, current 4 in the world, the next day he left the number one in the ranking, Novak Djokovic, on the road in a very tough match, followed by his triumph in the final, by beating number 3 in the ATP, Alexander Zverev, in one hour and one minute he dispatched him 6-3 and 6-1, something unheard of.

I predict that if injuries respect him, he will become number one in the world, a position that was predicted to be occupied soon by Zverev or Stéfanos Tsitsipas, two great players who have not been able to consistently consolidate wins like Alcaraz’s against the best on the planet. I insist, we are facing the next tennis great.

III The lagunero novillero Arturo Gilio, son of the bullfighter and rancher of the same name, was presented yesterday at the San Isidro Fair in Madrid, with sun and shade. Sol: in his first he heard a remarkable request for an ear that was not granted by the demanding president, as they say to the judge of the square, while dealing with his second steer from Los Maños, he was seriously injured in the lower third of the leg left, because the goring pierced his leg from side to side.

I hope it heals soon…

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