Threw the towel! Rafael Cardozo leaves set due to questions about his relationship with Cachaza | VIDEO

reality boy, Raphael Cardozo, starred in a mishap live on the program This is war. While she was participating in a trivia game with Patrick Parodythe drivers began to ask him different questions about his fiancée Cachaza.

The Brazilian never imagined the questions they would ask him, so he only managed not to answer them. “Are you single or engaged to a girlfriend?”was the first of the questions that he did not decide to answer.

For its part, Patrick Parody he was also consulted about the foreign couple. “It is said that Rafael Cardozo is not with Cachaza. True or false?”, was the question that Parodi answered like this: “I don’t know, I haven’t heard it, I would say false.” The conductors indicated to him that his answer was incorrect.

Raphael Cardozo He did not want to answer any questions and, on the contrary, he was very uncomfortable with the situation, so after 3 questions on the subject, he did not think twice and left the set, being criticized by the host Johanna San Miguel.

You can ask anything and I have to answer, I can’t leave my microphone and I can go. What’s more, he can sit down and shut up like a lot of people have done.” Saint Michael pointed out.

In the midst of this mishap, the singer Michelle Soifer decided to intervene and support her Brazilian partner, pointing out that she has every right not to speak out about her private life.

I would have done the same but, honestly, I feel that he has every right not to want to talk about his private life and withdraw and it must be respected because not only is one person involved but two, ” said the popular Michi.

Rafael Cardozo leaves the EEG set

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