throw "activating the streets"a festival to promote young and urban culture

The Cultural Institute of the province of Buenos Aires announced “Activating the streets”, the program that promotes young and urban culture. To carry out this launch, this Saturday, June 25 at 4:00 p.m., an event will be held in the Plaza Seca of the Teatro Argentino Provincial Arts Center (9 y 51, La Plata) that will include the exhibition of urban artists in various stands, musical shows and freestyle.

On stage the shows of Marco Fava, Los Emisarios del Groove, Niño Zeta & Stroke Kelly, Franqui Quiroga and the closing will be in charge of Vurkina and a dj set back to back by Val Spirito and Vic Jauregui. There will also be open microphone and freestyle.

On the other hand there will be stands where the productions of collage, graffiti and digital photomontage of Beltza, Amparo Fernández, Brako, El Thio, Flamirito, Soofa, Valcho PG and Jerepinturawhile Lara Murdolo will host the event.

“This project arises from the need to offer young artists a space for the exhibition, and intervention of their products. With the sponsorship and support of the Cultural Institute and fundamentally with the recognition of the Provincial State to historically relegated branches of art. In this sense, the importance of generating instances is raised, especially for the urban sector, highly dependent on this type of initiative,” they indicated from the Cultural Institute.

“It aims to carry out a line of joint work with the young artistic group of the Province. This, in order to continue building initiatives and meetings with the aforementioned group. It is also proposed to open future calls, inviting unorganized artists in groups,” they reported.

And they stressed that “the provincial realization of the initiative is supported by an idea of ​​decentralization of the exhibition possibilities, even more so taking into account the relegated character that in many cases affects the branches of urban art.”

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