Throwing away the peels of chestnuts is very wrong, here’s how to turn them into a beauty elixir

If there is one fruit that symbolizes autumn, it is surely the chestnut. There are those who prefer them roasted, others boiled, but almost everyone loves chestnuts. Less popular are the skins, which often end up in the bin. Yet throwing the peels of chestnuts is very wrong, here’s how to turn them into a beauty elixir.

Grandma’s remedy for an annoying problem

A magnetic gaze is the desire of many. The right eyeliner or eyeshadow can certainly enhance the eyes, but the real secret is in the lashes. When they are long and strong, in fact, they give a look that can enchant anyone.

This is why weak lashes are an annoying problem. It is normal for eyelashes to fall out from time to time, just like hair. But sometimes the lashes struggle to grow and lose volume.

The causes of the weakening can be many. Stress and poor nutrition play an important role. But you also need to be careful not to rub your eyes too vigorously when removing make-up.

Finally, too aggressive cosmetics, eyelash curlers or extension can, in the long run, ruin the lashes. But don’t panic: there are some tricks to reinforce them. Among these, a grandmother’s remedy that uses a kitchen waste: chestnut peels.

Throwing away the peels of chestnuts is very wrong, here’s how to turn them into a beauty elixir

October is the perfect month to taste chestnuts, perhaps after harvesting them in the woods, avoiding the poisonous ones.

There are many ways to prepare these sweet fruits, including a trick to cook chestnuts in just 5 minutes. But not everyone knows that there are also a thousand methods to recycle the skins.

The editorial staff of ProiezionidiBorsa di Borsa had already suggested two recycling ideas, excellent for self-care and garden care. Now is the time to discover a third tip.

Chestnut peels prove to be an excellent grandmother’s remedy for weak eyelashes. Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof that the method works, but traditionally, chestnut peels have been used to make both hair and eyelashes more beautiful.

For those wishing to test the natural remedy, about 20 grams of peels will suffice. These are poured into 250 cc of boiling water and left to cook for about 15 minutes.

Once a quarter of an hour has passed, filter the liquid obtained and add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil or almond oil.

The mixture can be poured into a glass bottle, which must be hermetically sealed. It is gently applied to the lashes with a comb before going to sleep.

However, there is one last recommendation to follow. Some people, in addition to having weak lashes, also have them too light for their taste. They will therefore be happy to know that the natural remedy with chestnut peels also has a slight darkening effect. But be careful not to use this grandmother’s trick if you want to avoid altering the color of your eyelashes!

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