Thunderbird for Android: This is what the message view will look like

The users of the email program Thunderbird have probably noticed: the developers of K-9 Mail have arrived in the Thunderbird camp and K-9 Mail will later become Thunderbird for Android. Of course, that means a lot of work, because you have to ensure that functions on the different platforms also have a certain parity.

Not only the version for the desktop is currently being worked on, there are also developments at K-9 Mail. The team has currently shownwhich users can expect when they look at an email, the email view will be redesigned, as the screenshots we have included show.

Among other things, you will get more information about the sender, any labels that may have been assigned are visible, you can simply see the recipient – or even the name of the mailbox. An exact timetable for the innovations has not yet been given.

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