Tiaret: the verdict falls for the assassins of the “doctor of the poor”

On July 20, 2020, the wilaya of Tiaret faced a most devastating crime: the seasoning of Mohamed Adjrad, the “doctor of the poor”.

All remember the sordid elements of the case, and were waiting to see the outcome of this case. As a reminder, 5 people had been arrested.
It was only on Tuesday, two years after the criminal court of the Tiaret court sentenced two defendants for “criminal association with an established agreement to commit the crime, robbery under specific conditions in favor of the night, murder with premeditation and ambush”. They were therefore sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Mohamed Adjrad.

That’s not all, two other people are also held guilty and each sentenced to 10 years in prison. As for the last suspect, he was acquitted and therefore released.

Tiaret: the assassination of the “doctor of the poor”

As stated previously, two years ago the wilaya of Tiaret with them a real drama. Mohamed Derardja commonly known as the “doctor of the poor” was brutally murdered.

It was in his own medical practice that 80-year-old Doctor Mohammed Adjrad was discovered dead.
The authorities had moved an individual came to the police station to report the discovery of the body of Mohammed in the office.

The elements of the assassination are horrifying. The man was found bound hand and foot with electrical wires, with duct tape around his neck. The murderers inserted several leaves into her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

Authorities soon began to investigate and successfully apprehended five people. They had been detained pending said trial.

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