Ticket presale for Avatar – The Way of Water has started!

As has just been announced, the Movie tickets for Avatar 2 out now. Advance sales for the sequel to what is still the most successful cinema film of all time have started on Monday November 21, 2022 worldwide at 6 p.m. German time. The rush to the box office should be immense. Avatar – The Way of Water is THE big one Christmas Blockbuster for the year 2022. Serious competition is not in sight. But if you want to plunge into the new adventure of Oscar winner James Cameron, you need a lot of staying power.

Avatar 2: theatrical release, run length and HFR 3D

It’s been 13 years since James Cameron, the master director and Oscar winner behind terminator 2 and titanicwith Avatar topping the list of Pandora most successful movies of all time conquered. The science fiction fantasy fairy tale revolutionized the viewing habits of the audience with brilliant 3D. And the second part also promises a breathtaking cinematic experience to become.

Avatar – The Way of Water will be 192 minutes long. So the duration is one half a hour above that of its predecessor. James Cameron’s Christmas blockbuster will be shown in some cinemas in “HRF 3D HDR” to be seen, which should guarantee a particularly bright and dynamic, three-dimensional image. Avatar – The Way of Water launches on Wednesday December 14, 2022 in German cinemas and thus a day earlier than in the USA.

Avatar 2: The presale for the previews has started

The anticipation for the sequel seems to be huge. Lasted until the end Disney covered, suggesting a possible early start of sales of cinema tickets concerned. It is always the rights holder who decides not the cinema operators about the exact time.

Without much notice, the pre-sale of Avatar – The Way of Water started on Monday 21st November 2022 worldwide at 6 p.m. German time.

It will be interesting to see if avatar 2 repeat or even surpass the success of its predecessor. With $2.92 billion Avatar ranks at the top of the highest grossing movies of all time. Although could Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame have claimed the top spot for a while, but thanks to a re-release in China, James Cameron’s masterpiece regained its top position in 2021. the pre-sale figures of Avatar – The Way of Water should show a first tendency, whether the sequel in a similar league will play.

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