Tickets for the Chile Cup final sold out in less than half an hour

A crucial compromise is the one that will have the Colo Colo this weekend in the Chile Cup. The albos will face Everton de Viña del Mar in the grand final of the contest, which will be played at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca.

During this Thursday session, the process to acquire a ticket for said commitment was announced. The Cacique’s partiality, which will be located in the southern sector of the sports complex, had agreed a total of 1,500 tickets for this match.

In a matter of minutes, the tickets for the final of the Chile Cup sold out quickly and all the tickets that were available during this Thursday were flown. Less than half an hour managed to be the tickets on the web for the Cacique fans.

Tickets sold out for the final of the Chile Cup.

Instance by which, without a doubt, will have the presence of the Albos fans in this match in a fairly small capacity, considering the total capacity of the remodeled Fiscal de Talca.

The information provided by Colo Colo in this regard is that starting at 00:01 this Friday, September 3, the process was opened for fans who had been able to attend Cacique games during 2020 and / or 2021.

It is unknown that there will be a new ticket sales process with the release of more tickets, which those who want to attend this game will have to be very vigilant on the PuntoTicket system page entering here.

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