Tickets for the final of the Chile Cup go on sale today

Colo Colo earned a place in the final of the Chile Cup where he hopes to defeat Viña del Mar’s Everton to achieve his first goal of the season. The decisive match is scheduled for this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at the stadium Talca Fiscal Bicentennial to great expectation of the fans who already make virtual lines to access a ticket.

The process will not be easy, there are few tickets available and they will be distributed equally among the clubs. According to Redgol, the sanitary restrictions that maintain the capital of Maule in Phase 4 will allow a capacity of 4 thousand spectators. This will generate a distribution of 1,500 tickets for Cacique fans and the same amount for roulette players. The remainder will be distributed among sponsors and people who perform functions in the sports venue.

Ticket sales will be made through the system Puntoticket. The clubs will have the responsibility to deliver the databases with the list of the fans authorized to attend the stadium. The albos will authorize partners, shareholders of the real estate and subscribers, like Everton, which will also add a base of loyal fans who have attended the last matches.

In the afternoon the tickets will be available on the ticketera page. The price of the tickets will be 26 thousand pesos in the Marquee stand and 10 thousand pesos for the south gallery, in the case of Colo Colo, and north plus a sector of Andes for Everton fans.

It should be remembered that whoever is the winner of the Chile Cup will obtain the quota of Chile 4 to play the Copa Libertadores 2022.

Colo Colo hopes to raise a new glass.

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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