Tickets sold out for the debut of Las Panteras against Peru in Santa Fe

A few hours after the first performance of the women’s volleyball team in Santa Fe, expectations are growing. The Peruvian team arrived last night and Las Panteras arrive today in the provincial capital. The event will be tomorrow at 9 pm in the Ángel Malvicino State.

“Impressive to see how the physiognomy of the Malvicino is changing with the assembly that is being done. At this moment there are more than 40 or 50 workers assembling different things, putting the floor, the lower stalls, the lighting system, the decoration in the upper part. It is starting to take on the color of what it would look like in any international match,” said Fabián Bochatay, president of the Santa Fe Volleyball Federation.

“Peru arrived very late last night, stayed at their hotel, practiced in an alternative stadium. The entire squad is in good condition, the Peruvian stars came. Argentina is arriving tonight at 8:00 p.m. They will make an entrance in heat, on the same playing field. At 9, Peru trains, at 10:30 the national team does. At noon we hold a press conference with the provincial government,” he detailed.

To the surprise of the organizers and disappointment of many, The tickets are already sold out. The same happens for Thursday’s date in Sunchales. Only for the meetings in Puerto San Martín, 30 percent of the place remains to be occupied. Tomorrow’s call in Santa Fe is at 9:00 p.m., but the interviewee recommended arriving earlier because there will be surprise shows.

“Today the Federations aim at that, that we can act in equal conditions. These events refer to that,” he said at last.

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