Tiger mosquito: CO2 terminals to avoid bites



Tiger mosquito: CO2 terminals to avoid bites

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T. Souman, A. Domy, C. Ła Rocca, S. Dauba, N. Thévenot – franceinfo

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In the spring, the tiger mosquito reappears in France. To fight against this insect, CO2 terminals are set up in different departments.

It has just come out of its hibernation. In May, the tiger mosquito is back. It is now present in 67 departments. Faced with its proliferation, communities are betting on traps. In the Camargue, 15 mosquito traps have been installed in strategic locations. “Thanks to the CO2 bottle, it will allow the bollard to play its role of imitating human breathing to attract mosquitoes”explains Adrien Le Rouxel, Qista Sales Director.

Last year, 270,000 mosquitoes fell into these traps. The CO2 terminals were reactivated last week and had an immediate effect according to the inhabitants. “It’s obvious, (…) overnight, there are half as many”, reports a resident. A terminal costs between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. But the agglomeration still intends to install others in order to fight against the inconvenience of mosquitoes and bites.

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